How it works

The ProCloud system comprises a series of unique control and dispensing units, which together give you total control and a full overview of all dispensing of draught beer, post-mix, spirits, wines, etc.

The ProCloud transceiver registers wireless dispensing data from all the units and transmits it to your personal platform on ProCloud. The ProCloud solution gives you the data you need precisely when you need it.

Beverage Control

The Provargo cloud-based system provides a unique way to control your beverage sales. Get all your servings counted and deviations from the POS system displayed immediately.

Increased Liquor Sales

Maximized visibility and focus on your bottles in the Provargo Wall Rack System, will help increase the liquor sales rapidly.

Real Time Alerts

The Provargo App lets you stay on top of urgent matters. You will receive a real-time push alert on your smartphone when the system indicates a cheating event, a product in low stock etc.

Built in Reporting

Full-automatic counting and stock control provides a complete overview of your business in the cloud. All data and reports are easily accessible – anytime and anywhere.

Procloud Transceiver

The ProCloud Master device is the central unit in the system. The Master transmits all pour data to the ProCloud in real-time.

Wireless Dispenser

The DigiPour spout is a brand new and revolutionary portioning spout from Provargo, the first cloud-based wireless liquor dispenser.

Flow Counting

Provargo’s FCU flow counting units give you complete and detailed control of beer and post-mix consumption at an unprecedented level.

Wall Rack

The visibility and light in the Wall-Rack units offer a better attention towards the liquor – increased liquor sales at an average of 20%

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