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(Closed Circuit Television Cameras)

Keeping your Business / Home safe is a top priority in Tanzania and Zanzibar, and using CCTV systems can significantly enhance your ability to do so. From early detection of criminal or anti-social behaviour outside your premises, to monitoring and keeping record of incidents within, including any accidents, high-quality CCTV systems can help you keep track of all activity in and around your Business/Home.

At Rotech we provide greater performance, capability and flexibility from a diverse range of digitally-enhanced equipment including High Definition cameras, intelligent storage and retrieval processes, offsite monitoring and response and integration with complementary security systems to our clients in Tanzania and Zanzibar.


  • 2 to 5 Megapixel High resolution
  • 2.8 Mm fixed lens & Varifocal
  • IR range up to 30m
  • IP67 , POE & Triple stream
CCTV Systems for Tanzania and Zanzibar
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Electric Fences and Access Control in Tanzania

Rotech’s extensive range of quality and innovative security services work to ensure the safety of your home. Electric fencing systems are an effective perimeter protection solution for homes, industrial complexes, utility properties, warehouses and more. It is used to prevent theft, vandalism and safeguard property and assets in Tanzania & Zanzibar.

Electric fencing systems also come with a controller for intrusion detection. The controller monitors the perimeter and generates an alert in case of an intrusion attempt. Any attempt to cut or short circuit a wire, an alert whether audible or silent will be sent to the monitoring station and/or a guard house and a mobile phone.


Electric gates are fantastic additions to homes and businesses. They provide safety, security, and privacy. However, with overuse and poor maintenance, electric gates can become unreliable and prone to damage and technical issues. With Rotech, we offer high quality, low-cost electric gate installation, maintenance and repair services that will keep your gate running like new.


An intercom system can provide your business & home with security, as well as the convenience of communicating with any room in the house.

Whether you have an apartment or need an intercom system for a 20 storey high-rise, Rotech can install a system that fits your lifestyle needs. An intercom system can also monitor a child’s room, or keep you within earshot of other family members in any room of the house.

An intercom can also make your home or apartment more secure by screening visitors to your door from any room in your house, or even play your favourite music throughout the house if you’re entertaining.

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