Safety & Protection Equipment

Your personal safety is our business and greatest concern. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is essential for the safety and protection of all individuals on your construction site. Ensuring all vulnerable areas of the body are protected by PPE is vital, including Head Protection, Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Respiratory Equipment, Hand Protection, Foot Protection and more.

Rotech is proud to be one of the emerging leaders in the provision of PPE and Safety Clothing. Our range includes PPE and safety equipment for Utilities, Construction, Rail and many more site safety equipment solutions. We know that our wide range of Personal Protective Equipment will be of a superb quality and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our PPE Shop includes; Hand Protection including a wide variety of cut protection gloves, Foot Protection including safety boots with a variety of safety features, Eye Protection including safety spectacles and goggles, Ear Protection such as ear defenders and ear plugs, as well as High Visibility Workwear Clothing conforming to the necessary safety regulations.

Head Protection

Eye Protection

Ear Protection

Respitory Equipment

Welding Equipment

Hand Protection

Safety Footwear

Hi-Vis Clithing

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